Monday, October 10, 2011

Grand Mesa

This picture doesn't do any righteousness to standing there and looking across the Grand Valley into Utah. Centered in this shot over the lower shoulder of Grand Mesa is Mt. Garfield. The gently sloped backside of the Book Cliffs meet with the Roan Plateau that can be seen all the way into Utah.

Looking south the basalt capped mesa hides the view of the San Juans.

Looking west the Lasalle Mountains poke up behind the Uncompahgre Plateau. Land's End road can be seen zig zagging down toward Kannah Creek.

The West Elks all covered from the first snow of the season stand watch over the Gunnison Gorge and the North Fork Valley.

It seems we made it up a little late this year for the colors but there are still leaves on the aspens and the Gambles Oak. Again there's the Land's End switchbacks.
The last snow up here a few days ago left over a foot in the trees on top of the mesa. But it was a very good ride today and the weather cooperated perfectly.

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