Sunday, January 15, 2012

Surface Creek Get-Away

After a well deserved week or so off from amateur night (New Year's Eve), our singles group went up Surface Creek for a night. Dave and David, Shawn, Gary, myself and Nathan spent Friday night at Dawn's home on the hill and it was delightful for all, fun for most and just downright needed for me.
So watch how we entertained ourselves.
Dance, Dance

I'm guessing it's been sometime since anyone has watched Mormons throwing dice.

I wish I was this happy all the time.

Our Main Co-Conspirator

It is still winter but very mild on the south facing slope of the Grand Mesa.

Friday evening's dinner was delicious. Gary grilled hamburgers. We had a pasta salad that helped keep me away from the cake afterward. Then the dice came out and after we tired of that we played Mad until I couldn't keep my eyes open. The girls and David made breakfast and was that good or what! The video you saw at the beginning was the break between breakfast and lunch. We also tried bowling on the Wii which almost started a tournament. It was no contest anyway. My fingers hurt too bad to keep up with Nathan and Dave. I think Dave bowled a 194 and a 203 or somewhere in there. Nathan figured it out, too.
It was a nice getaway and I want to add that everyone was very helpful during our discussion in Gospel Doctrines this morning.