Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vernal in December

Gary Messano, Joanne Pratt and I made a trip to the Vernal Temple today. We did the 12:15 Session. 

I had pictures here but moved them into the ether earlier. I'm getting old, still.

Douglas Pass was fine going and coming back. This was about the only blue sky we saw all day. We also saw a few eagles (bald and golden), a small herd of elk and a few deer in different places.

We are all wondering how long before we don't have to drive 3-4 hours to a temple. No matter, it was a good day.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grand Mesa

This picture doesn't do any righteousness to standing there and looking across the Grand Valley into Utah. Centered in this shot over the lower shoulder of Grand Mesa is Mt. Garfield. The gently sloped backside of the Book Cliffs meet with the Roan Plateau that can be seen all the way into Utah.

Looking south the basalt capped mesa hides the view of the San Juans.

Looking west the Lasalle Mountains poke up behind the Uncompahgre Plateau. Land's End road can be seen zig zagging down toward Kannah Creek.

The West Elks all covered from the first snow of the season stand watch over the Gunnison Gorge and the North Fork Valley.

It seems we made it up a little late this year for the colors but there are still leaves on the aspens and the Gambles Oak. Again there's the Land's End switchbacks.
The last snow up here a few days ago left over a foot in the trees on top of the mesa. But it was a very good ride today and the weather cooperated perfectly.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Trip to Vernal

On September 30, 2011 we left Delta for a four hour ride to Vernal, Utah. President Messano drove the four of us (Joanne Pratt, Dave Mossburg and myself) through the middle of the Roan Plateau over Douglas Pass up to U.S. Highway 40 in Dinosaur and into Vernal for brother Mossburg's endowment. We were met there by brother and sister McMillan, brother and sister Christensen and Alvie Smith.
Laura Christensen was proxy for brother Mossburg's deceased wife and Don Christensen baptized and confirmed her a member of the Church. We also did ordinances for deceased male names.
President Messano did Initiatory Work while brother Mossburg, Alvie Smith, Joanne Pratt, the McMillans and myself ate a little breakfast at McDonald's. Dave Mossburg got measured for temple clothes at the distribution center so he can get his clothes for the next time.

For myself I am very thankful that I am alive and blessed to be part of this wonderful group of people who have helped make that long journey back to the temple a reality for both Dave Mossburg and myself.

It is also a personal pinnacle for me. It has been 16 years since I had a Temple Recommend. To complete the weekend I was privileged to have both Saturday Session of Conference on the internet at home and a good meal before the Priesthood Session at the Delta Chapel. This morning's session and this afternoon's were also uplifting. So I openly and honestly admit, there is nothing that is impossible to those who believe.

Dinosaur National Monument

It was a beautiful day!

This is north of U.S. 40 just back into Colorado. Somewhere back in there is the confluence of the Yampa and Green River.

Our next trip is up to Grand Mesa for the "Fall Festival of Colors." (I made that up but no one will know a hundred years from today.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Saturday last, four of us made it to the southern Colorado mountain town of Silverton to do a little wandering and take in some of the sights of this old mining town. Gary Messano, David Mossberg, myself and Joanne Pratt, who's ride we took, left Olathe about 8:15 and came back mid-afternoon. Here are pictures of the sights. I really enjoy getting out this time of year.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Yankee Boy

Last Saturday (August 27, 2011) we took a trip to Ouray and went up County Road 26 to Yankee Boy Basin. It was a beautiful day for it and we all had an enjoyable time. Here's the proof:

What a wonderful blessing to live close enough to enjoy this beauty!